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About ProActive

Proactive company provides management services in the fields of safety and quality in the workplace. Our goal is to apply effective safety measures to prevent work accidents, injuries and occupational diseases, and create a safe and high quality work environment for our clients. We provide safety and quality management and consulting services to companies, organizations, institutions, plants, authorities and small businesses.

The company was founded by Alon Azriel and Itzhak Weitzman, who have extensive experience in the construction and integration of safety management systems in organizations, including proactive management tools to improve the organization’s level of safety, preparation and implementation of an organizational safety program, risk management processes, defining work processes and methods for monitoring all the activities.

Range of services:

• Work Safety Officer services

• Safety management services - and safety risk management

• Safety supervision and control services

• Safety consulting and planning for projects, including fire safety, grounds file, etc.

• Quality management services

• Safety information - training and qualification, safety awareness, inter-organizational communications



Clients and Projects

Consulting and Safety Officer services

  • Cellcom Israel – National safety officer, fire safety officer, safety planning and consulting for projects

  • Mishan – National safety officer, safety training and qualification services

  • Noble Energy – Work safety officer services

  • Dynamica Communications - National safety officer

  • Negev Ceramics – Writing, assimilation and monitoring of procedures

  • Ben Nun Shalev Construction Management Ltd. – Safety consulting and planning services


  • Cellcom Logistic Center in Netanya – Safety planning and consulting

  • Enercon Logistic Center - Safety planning and consulting

  • Tel Hashomer Hospital’s Rehabilitation Center - Safety planning and consulting

  • Kindergartens for Local Councils (Hazor, Emek Hamayanot) - Safety planning and consulting

  • Frontal and Telephone service centers - Safety planning and consulting


Safety Officer and Management Services

Provision of Safety Officer and Management services according to the Work Supervision Organization regulations (Safety Officers):

  • Consulting services for employers relating to the requirements of the law and regulations

  • Preparing an annual safety program

  • Safety reviews, hazard patrols and risk surveys

  • Safety training for employees and managers

  • Debriefing and drawing conclusions and lessons from events and accidents

  • Writing procedures and safety instructions

  • Organizational safety system - Safety committees and trustees

  • Implementation of safety processes and procedures in the workplace (periodic inspections, environmental testing, periodic training, controls, supervision, etc.)

  • Safety planning, guidance and supervision of work and projects

  • Contacts with agencies and authorities (work supervision, firefighting authority, government offices, etc.)


Safety Consulting and Planning

Fire safety planning for buildings in accordance with the Planning and Building Law, requirements of the firefighting authorities and relevant standards for public, residential and industrial buildings, educational institutions etc.

  • Planning services, preparing a safety plan and support throughout the licensing process

  • Consultancy services for the purpose of obtaining or renewing approval by the firefighting authority and business license

  • Planning fire extinguishing and fire detection systems, accompanying the installation process, control and delivery of the systems

  • Conducting the integration processes for building safety systems


Safety Training and Qualification

  • Safety training for new employees and periodic training and retraining

  • Training and qualification for working at height

  • Professional safety training by type of work

  • Fire and Emergency response training

  • Workshops and training to improve safety awareness among employees and managers

  • Interactive safety tutorials, learning applications and presentations

  • Preparing lesson plans, knowledge tests and measuring training effectiveness

  • Training and qualification of Safety Trustees


Quality Management

Our Quality Management services include:

  • Developing and improving the quality management system in an organization

  • Examining and optimizing organizational processes - business processes, support processes and management processes

  • Setting and writing procedures and workflows, and their integration at all levels of the organization

  • Conducting internal audits to examine the level of assimilation of work processes and the need for routine monitoring of their quality

  • Supporting the certification process for Quality Management System Standard ISO-9000


Israeli Standard for Safety Management OHSAS 18001

  • Safety management standard OHSAS 18001 Israel.

  • Israeli Standard SI 18001 (OHSAS 18001) is an international standard for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.

  • The standard serves as an administrative tool for systematically defining the company's safety management system.

  • Implementation of the standard model enables continuous improvement of the safety management system of the organization over time and includes risk management, setting goals and metrics, compliance with the law, training and implementation, learning and improvement processes, etc.

  • Certification in accordance with the requirements of the standard, suitable for all types of organizations.

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